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Field of Membership

  1. Employees of the Veterans Administration Hospital who work in Alexandria, Louisiana; 
  2. Employees of the U.S. Government who work within a I-mile radius of the Veterans Hospital in Alexandria, Louisiana, except employees of the Department of Agriculture; 
  3. Employees and members of The Pentecostals of Alexandria located in Alexandria, LA;
  4. Employees of Allen's Nursery who work in or are paid from Colfax, LA;
  5. Members of record of Continental Federal Credit Union #07041 as of February 28, 2018; 
  6. Employees of the Continental Southern Lines, Inc., who work in or are under the direct supervision of the Alexandria, Louisiana General Office;
  7. Employees of the Continental Crescent Lines, Inc., and Continental Tennessee Lines, Inc., who work in the States of Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, and Tennessee; 
  8. Employees of the Transcontinental Bus Terminal Company, Inc., who work in Alexandria or Shreveport, Louisiana; 
  9. Employees of the Trailways Bus Depot of Nashville, Inc., who work in Alexandria, Louisiana or Nashville, Tennessee; 
  10. Employees of the Bayshore Bus Lines, Inc., who work in or have headquarters in Baytown, Texas; 
  11. Employees of Continental Trailways Bus Terminal of Atlanta, Georgia who work in Atlanta, Georgia;
  12. Employees of commissioned agents of Southern Greyhound Lines Company who work at the terminals at Alexandria, Shreveport or Monroe, Louisiana or Jackson, Mississippi; 
  13. Employees of The Town of Ball, Louisiana; 
  14. Employees of The Office of the Clerk of Court who work in Vernon Parish, Louisiana; employees of Greyhound/Trailways of Bossier who work in Bossier City, Louisiana; 
  15. Employees of Vernon Parish Sheriff Department who work in Leesville, Louisiana; employees of Jackson Enterprises who work in Colfax, Louisiana;) 
  16. Employees of the Greyhound/Trailways Terminal who work in Baton Rouge, Louisiana; 
  17. Employees of the Greyhound/Trailways Terminal who work in Lake Charles, Louisiana; 
  18. Employees of Elma's Nursery School who work in Pineville, Louisiana; 
  19. Employees of Bayou Rapides Hospital who work in Alexandria, Louisiana; 
  20. Employees of Brian Clinic and Robert Lewis Contractors who work in Alexandria, Louisiana; employees of Golden Age Nursing Home who work in Jena, Louisiana; 
  21. Employees of Annrich Inc. who work in or are paid or supervised from Alexandria, LA